The Hunt


I remember waking up on Easter morning excited to start hunting for eggs. They would be hidden in my room, and all throughout my house. However, having an older brother I was subject to rivalry and due to the huge height difference, he was at an advantage. One of the many perks of having an older, and bigger sibling.


Yesterday we spent Easter with family, and watched the kids run around my Aunt’s property searching for eggs. Some crows and squirrels also got in on the fun as we watched them snag eggs prior to beginning.


My youngest cousin’s basket of eggs weighed more than she did by the end, and she dragged her basket into the house. Everyone behaved, no one tackled each other to gain an egg, and it was a beautiful day to be outside. There’s no winner, and fairness was guaranteed as all the eggs are divided up amongst the kidlings.

A very entertaining, and fun day for my family!


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