It’s an exciting time for NHL fans. The playoffs are beginning and the race for the cup will commence. Good ol’ Stanley is getting ready for another championship. You’re getting excited while sporting your teams logos on your car and wearing your jersey proudly. You chirp your rival teams fans in public and start putting bets in about who will win the cup this year. But wait, what if your team didn’t make the playoffs? Something terrible has happened, and your team didn’t make the cut. You’re mad, frustrated, and can’t even begin to comprehend how they didn’t make it with al of the love and support you provided all season long. Through the highs and the lows you were there for them, and they let you down.


For all you leafs fans, it was another disappointing season. After last years playoff run, not even making the cut this year stings deep. Yes Habs fans, we’re aware our team isn’t going to be playing, so drop it. Rather than pretend the playoffs aren’t happening, or burning all of your leafs gear, here’s a few ideas to stay involved in the play offs.

1. Choose a back up team. No, I’m not saying hop on the bandwagon, but there has to be another team you sort of enjoy watching. Follow them, and hopefully they don’t get eliminated in the first round. Hockey is still hockey, and being Canadian means you love it no matter what.

2. Make bets with your friends or buddies, go out to a pub on wing night and watch a game, loser buys a round of beers.

3. Watch the game with a friend who’s team is playing, you’ll be entertained at the emotional roller coaster they’re on for the entire game. It’s free entertainment really.

Stay involved, watch some games, because once it’s over we’ll miss it.



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