I adore surprises. I like surprising people, and I like being surprised. They are funny, sometimes thrilling, and can even be an adrenaline rush (like when you’ve spent hours trying to scheme how to scare the living daylights out of your room mate on Halloween). Surprise parties, surprise visits, and news. I even like watching surprises, proposals on youtube, people getting pranked, surprise homecomings, you get the picture. However, some people despise surprises. They like to know everything that’s going on, and like to be prepared. I like to surprise these types of people.


It’s exciting to have someone plan a surprise for you. Last June for my brother’s 25th birthday his girlfriend planned him a party with friends coming from far and wide, and even childhood friends made an appearance. He had no idea and was so genuinely surprised. She put so much effort, and thought into the party to make his 25th memorable. It was very sweet. 

So surprise someone. Go visit or call someone you haven’t seen in a while, show up at your parents house, send someone a small gift in the mail, plan a party for your best friend, or cook or bake something for your darling 🙂 


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