Chasing Cars

So my friend had some car trouble today. She needed a boost, so the girls and I headed down to the garage to tackle the issue. The cables were too short so we had to rearrange the vehicles in order for the batteries to connect.

This involved pushing the car with the dead battery. So two of us are on the front pushing with everything we’ve got, and Brit is in the driver’s seat steering. We’re taking breaks, letting people get out before we block the parking garage, and grunting trying to get this car moved. We were barely making progress and the car seemed like it was glued to the cement. I realize cars are heavy, but it was in neutral, it shouldn’t be as difficult as it was.

Once we had the cars in place and the battery was charging I noticed bashful Britt lowering the e brake. Turns out brilliant Britt left the emergency brake on the entire time. Believe it or not, having the emergency brake on makes it a lot more difficult for the car to move. I’m happy to say after this minor hiccup we successfully boosted the car. Success, and a valuable life lesson learned for Britt, we won’t let her forget it.



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