6 Free Date Ideas

Going out for dinners, movies, shopping, flowers, it all ads up and can get very pricey! So, here are 6 free date ideas for you and your sweetheart to enjoy. He/She wil be impressed with the effort you put into planning the date.


1. Go for a walk at a nearby park, pack some snacks and a blanket so you can lounge around, preferably on a nice sunny day. Plan a picnic 🙂 Some parks offer “free movies” at night, which is very romantic if you ask me. Cuddle up and enjoy the show.


2. Cook together at home, find a recipe neither of you have tried before, that you’re both a fan of, and tie on aprons. Maybe even bake dessert?!


3. Play a board game or cards. No it is not childish or lame, it’s fun and hilarious. Crazy 8’s, 31, Guess Who, etc. It will bring up funny childhood stories. Try not to get too competitive 😉


4. Check out a local beach, river, lake, and go for a dip! If you’re not a fan of swimming, being by the lake without getting in the water is still enjoyable! If you have a dog I’m sure they’d love to join 🙂


5. Teach your date something you’re good at. A new sport, or hobby. Go play basketball or tennis at a nearby court. Paint something together, make speciality drinks, whatever it is you’re into!


6. Build a fort and watch your favourite movie or shows together. Gather up all the blankets and pillows you can find and cozy up in your creation.


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