Sports Fanatic


I grew up in a rink. Watching my brother play, then playing hockey myself, home is where the ice was. When I wasn’t playing hockey I would be watching the NHL with Cory, liking the teams he liked, and cheering for the players he loved. 

As I grew older I got into Football, a big Chicago Bears fan, and when I lived in Chicago my running route took me right around Solider Field. I went to the Bears training camp for work, and took my brother and his girlfriend to Soldier Field when they came to visit. 

Now the man is getting me into golf, a sport I never thought I’d get into but now realize where the obsession stems from. However it is a very frustrating game, and requires a great deal of patience and practice. I still dominate in mini putt though. 

It’s amazing how attached and involved we become with professional sports. We choose our favourite, franchise players are idolized, and we can feel betrayed and hurt when a player we adore gets traded. When our team wins, we win! We celebrate, drink more beers, and do our happy dance. When we lose, we do the opposite. We get frustrated, call out plays, and yell at our television screens. We curse, we hit things, we stand up, and we fall to our knees. By investing so much of our time into watching, cheering, and buying into professional sports, we become a part of it. We like people automatically if they have the same appreciation for our team, and god forbid if you’re a fan of the rivals of my favourite team. We plan our lives around games, invite friends over, meet at bars, and have parties just to celebrate. It’s a great thing, and has always brought people together. 



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