Stop & Stare


Flashbacks. Do you have certain memories or moments you play over and over in your head? If you had the opportunity to go back and re-live it you would. I wish I could go back sometimes, tell people who are gone how much they meant to me, and how big of an influence they still have on my life. Some of these I think about when I’m having a rough day, or being nostalgic, which I’m known to do quite a bit. Some things we never want to forget, and other things we try to forget.

So here’s a few memories I replay, and wish I could relive. Nonetheless, I remember them clearly, and will cherish them forever.

1. Dancing with my Poppa at my cousin’s wedding

2. Singing with my Mom in the car as a youngster

3. Learning how to shoot a puck from my brother in the driveway

4. The first night I met the man

5. Listening to unheard of stories from my Uncle Neil about his great adventures sailing around the world

6. Laughing to the point of tears with my best friends

7. Disney World on Christmas with the man

8. My Dad teaching me to drive

9. Boating to Caladesi Island

10. Learning how to cook from Vic & Jess


The things that are important to me are spending time with family and friends, and sharing experiences together.

Make beautiful memories to reflect on for the rest of your life.


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