The countdown begins. As of April 14th 2014 I will be done my undergraduate degree. I’m thrilled to be finished! At times it seemed like this day would never come, but in hindsight it seems like it flew by. 

Time is a phenomenon in itself. We always wish we had more of it. More time in a day, more time to sleep in, more time to spend with those we love. It can go by so slow. Sitting in class, watching the clock tick, waiting for lecture to be over. At work, waiting for four o’clock to roll around so you can go home. On the other hand it can fly by. Kids grow like weeds, and seasons change. Vacations are over when they seem like they just started, and days end quickly when we don’t want them to. Summer is over in a blink, winter is long and hard. We wish we could rewind certain things, fast forward through others, and even wish to stay in a certain state or age in our lives. Time heals. It allows us to get through difficult and dark times, and motivates us to move on. 

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” 
― Mother Teresa


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