Fault in Our Stars Review


I finished “The Fault in our Stars” today by John Green. If you intend to read the book and haven’t yet, spoilers lie ahead in this post. This book had a twist I didn’t see coming, is well written, and has a great love story behind it. It portrays tragedy, illness, and triumphant love through all adversities. The couple is weird, intelligent, and humorous. Both main characters are realistic, and do not sugar coat anything they say to one another. They speak their minds and are very honest. The book makes you look at illness, and cancer in particular, in a new light, from the perspective of two young individuals who have seen the darkness of this disease. 

As with any book I read, there’s always something more I’d like to know or a question I have. For this book, I wanted to hear exactly what Hazel said at Gus’s funeral, word for word. I’ve seen the preview for the movie, and I wonder if they’ll adapt that scene and add in dialogue. I think a majority of the time people prefer the book over the movie it is later made into. We have an idea and image of what the characters look like, and act like. The second those images don’t match what hollywood has chosen we get defensive like we’ve been wronged. We like how the story formed in our mind, and hollywood never seems to get it right for everybody, imagine that. 

I can understand why this book blew up, has become so popular, and is a #1 New York Times Bestseller. It pulls at everything that makes us human and shows how fragile life is.  

Let me know your thoughts on the book below!


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