Stir Crazy


We just bought our first BBQ for the new house, and we cannot wait for deck parties and patio beers. We’ve yet to purchase any patio furniture, minor details. I’m still on the hunt for a comfy conversational set. I’d like it to be cozy so I can spend afternoons outside lounging and reading a good book with the king. We’ll need plants, and maybe I’ll have a small garden to grow tomatoes and other vegetables. I’ll add that to my summer-to-do list.

I’m excited to have friends and family over to spend time outside. We’ve been locked up inside for months on end, waiting for warm and sunny days. I can’t wait to go outside without being bundled up in layers, mits, and scarves.

I want to hang twinkle lights around the deck and get patio heaters so we can stay out there all night in the summer. Hopefully it gets dark enough here in the city to see the stars at night. Large vases with big white candles would be a romantic touch. I’m sure the man and I will spend countless nights unwinding after work with red wine, great food, and great friends & family.


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