I want a library in my house. The kind Belle had in Beauty in the Beast where she swung around on a ladder and the walls were covered in books. I want the shelves to be full, and organized by what I’ve read, and what I haven’t. A fireplace would be a must, to curl up in front of with a cup of tea and possibly nap after finishing a chapter. It would be so peaceful, and relaxing. Depending on my mood, choosing whatever book will match how I’m feeling. I would prefer dim lighting, still enough so I could see the pages, but not bright, luminescent lights that give me a headache. It would be a lovely room, where I could unwind and escape just for a little while.


Books are an outlet from our everyday lives. We get lost and absorbed so easily in the story that it becomes real, and you become attached to certain characters. Books evoke emotion out of us, like anger, sadness, intrigue, confusion, or fear. We relate to the protagonists and despise the antagonists. Sometimes we question the ending, or are eager to read more once we’ve finished. When we find a favourite, a great book, we can read it over and over again. We find quotes, questions, and have extraordinary thoughts and within our hearts we’re inspired.


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