Put Your Phone Down


The man and I were out to dinner on Friday night when I noticed a mom and her two kids at a booth across the room. Her kids were both under the age of 10, a girl probably around 5, and a boy, around 8.

The kids were busy colouring on their place mats and their mom was busy on her phone. I gawk at cute kids, I adore them, and think they are so funny. So I occasionally looked and every time I glanced over the mom was still busy texting away (I realize staring is rude but I like to think I’m incognito).

As we were walking out we passed  their table and the little girl was tugging on her mom’s sleeve to look at her picture, but the mother couldn’t be bothered, she was too absorbed by her phone. I was sad. I wanted to stop and tell the little girl she had done such a good job colouring and compliment her on it, but I didn’t.

Put your phone down, or away when you’re with people you love. Our society is obsessed with this constant need to be in contact with one another. We’re all guilty of doing it, but if you’re out with a friend, out with your husband or wife and kids, put your phone down. Make sure whoever you’re with knows and feels like they are more important than whoever you’re texting or whatever you’re doing on that cellphone of yours.

The memories you make while you’re out and about are what you’re going to remember. You’re not going to recall the conversation you were texting. Challenge yourself, put your phone away, people are more important than things and technology.


One thought on “Put Your Phone Down

  1. This is so true . PUT DOWN your cell phones people ! You are missing out on the little moments , the ones that REALLY matter !

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