I care a lot, sometimes even too much. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t. I care about the people in my life, the work I’m pursuing, and I try to go out of my way to improve or better the lives of others where and when applicable. I’m strong, but I can be sensitive. I have strengths and weaknesses, just like everybody else. I have a big heart and hope karma treats me kindly. I apologize when I’ve made a mistake, but I have trouble forgiving and forgetting when a situation arises. The forgiving part is no problem, it’s the letting go part and trusting again that I sometimes battle.

We’re going to be hurt by the ones we love, and the ones who love us. The people that we trust the most, believe in the most, and adore the dearest have the capability of hurting us the most. They’ll hopefully be there when you need them, but maybe sometimes they can’t be for one reason or another.

We care about what our loved ones say to us, how they say it, and what they think of us. Whether it’s a decision we made, something we said, an outfit we wore, what job we take, where we decide to live, or a new hobby we decided to take up. Everyone has their opinion. Their opinion matters, how they perceive us, it’s important to us. So when it’s hurtful words, or perspectives, it’s hard not to take it personally, and to heart. Keeping in mind, most of our loved ones want wants best for us, and have good intentions, negative comments can cut deep.

Sometimes we hurt those we love unintentionally, and vice versa. So forgive those who have hurt you, and if you’re ever to hurt them they will show forgiveness in return. Carrying around a grudge is exhausting, and draining.

Love purely, forgive often. We’re all human after all, we’re sensitive human beings with feelings, and we all want to feel loved and give love in return.


8 thoughts on “Inevitable

  1. I think sometimes we use the mad or angry word when what we are really feeling is HURT . It is hard to move on from that if there is no apology, but yes we should try . Xo

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