Sick Day


One does not simply catch a cold when they have time off. You’re going to get sick when it’s least convenient. Like when you have a lot due at school, a presentation at work, or you’re scheduled to volunteer for your kid’s field trip.

Here comes the self pity. I have a presentation tomorrow and I’m currently blowing through a box of kleenex. I’ve got a bad cold, and I’m sure everyone in my class will appreciate Snuffaluffagus speaking for 30 minutes. My nose is nearly Rudolph certified, red and dry. I can already see their faces as I’m sneezing and sniffling throughout my presentation. The raised eye brows, and squinted eyes. I’ll recommend no one sits in the front row.

I’m a person who usually makes an effort to stay home when I’m sick so I don’t spread the germs, however in this case I don’t have a choice! I cannot wait for this week to be over, and it’s Monday.

So today, I’m nursing with tea, vicks kleenex (life changer), and OJ, working on a term paper, and being a TLC junkie.


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