Sunday nights are for recovering from the busy weekend. Winding down, lounging on the couch, turning on a great flick or show. Sweat pants and hoodies, snacks and maybe a glass of wine. 

I love being at home. Cozied up with a blanket and my favourite guy. We watched “We Bought a Zoo,” which is a great movie I’d recommend. 

There’s this concept of having 20 seconds of courage or bravery as a main theme in the movie. 20 seconds of courage, telling someone how you feel, approaching a stranger, facing a fear, and stepping outside your comfort zone. That’s where great things happen, outside your comfort zone. Sometimes all it takes is a deep breath, or closed eyes. 

I think this is a great lesson, we should all be able to find 20 seconds of bravery. Life’s too short to wait, wonder, and think about the what ifs. 


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