Sunny Dee


I was waiting to get my hair cut today when an older woman sat down beside me. She moved over a seat so the sun would shine on her through the window. It was nice, to feel the heat of the sun on my back for the first time in what seems like months.

She looked at me and said “there, now we can pretend we’re at the beach” and closed her eyes. We’ve had a terrible winter and I no longer know what temperatures above -5 are, do they even exist? She then said “all we need now is a hot guy to bring us some drinks,” and I burst out laughing. Coming from a 65 year old woman, it was hilarious. We joked and discussed that we would need people to fan us because it would be so hot out, and if somebody could bring us lunch, that’d be nice too.

It was refreshing, an older woman with a great sense of humour, big smile, and showing appreciation for the little things, like the sun shining on her back.


One thought on “Sunny Dee

  1. Funny, as yesterday I was sitting in the front room, and Tucker found the “one” wee spot on sunlight coming in, and took it quickly, before any other animule could.
    ( And WE thought he was dumb ) 🙂

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