I was not the easiest child when it came to bed time. I wasn’t a fan of the dark, or my bed. So I found alternative places to sleep. My toy box (as seen above), the hallway, my parents’ bed, the floor beside my brothers’ bed, anywhere except my actual bed. How adorable eh? Bet my parents were glad they bought me the little tykes “house” bed for Christmas that I used so much. I’d like to say this didn’t go on too long, but it did. Who could blame me? My night light did not supply sufficient light.

I was carried to bed when I was too tired to conquer the steps, read to every night, my back was rubbed, but no, nothing was quite up to par for small princess Kara. The minute Mom or Dad left my room, my eye lids shot open and I was not impressed. I then contemplated where I would sleep that night, plotting my execution of sneaking out of my room.

It turned into almost a game of hide and seek, my parents probably wondered where they’d find me every morning. Perhaps it provided a smidgen of entertainment? I’d like to think so. I’m surprised I did not sustain any injuries. When you go to get out of bed in the morning you don’t necessarily check for a tiny human before proceeding to your routine.

So thank you Mom & Dad for putting up with my bedtime shenanigans, for never getting mad at me (that I can recall), and dealing with my anti-bed phase. I turned out okay.


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