Directed to you


I’ll be there to celebrate the good days, and I’ll be there during the bad. I’ll be around when you get lonely, and let you vent all your frustrations. Trust in the security of our long lasting relationship, and know that I would never hurt you. I will be honest with you, and always share my opinion when you ask for it. I will listen attentively, and provide advice when needed. I will keep your secrets safe.

You’re much stronger than you think. You are incredibly unaware of your beauty inside and out. You’re drive and motivation runs deep, you never give yourself enough credit. Don’t shut people out when you’re upset, you are loved by so many.

I hope you meet the man of your dreams and he sweeps you off your feet. He’ll have a lot of people to impress when he wants to marry you. You’ll live in a beautiful home and be the most amazing mom one day. I’ll tell your kids the stories of our youth, the mayhem and mischief we caused, leaving out the finer details, not to take away from your angelic demeanor.

You will achieve great success, and you will do wonderful things. Your experiences will lead you around the world, but our bond runs deep. I hope I’ve had even the smallest impact on your life, compared to the meaning you’ve brought to mine. Remember that you’re not invincible, and be careful out there in this great big world.




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