Old School Love


In case you haven’t figured this out, I like tradition. I appreciate old school love. I miss the effort a man had to put in to pursue a woman.

First it was talking in person and writing letters, then phone calls, and nowadays, texting is the most common way of communication. You lose the context of the conversation through texting. How many times have you taken a text the wrong way? Read it with false or negative intention when the person meant something completely different. 

I realize in today’s society talking in person is not as convenient as it once was. Our phones are our number one way of communication. I still prefer to keep important conversations for over the phone or in person. 

I keep my social media usage minimal. I got rid of facebook, and twitter as I saw these sites doing more harm than good. Constant comparison, self absorption, and showing off dominates these sites. They’re gossip forums, and although they may keep us in contact with people we would otherwise not be in contact with, I don’t believe it’s healthy, and personally see it as a waste of time. You will find a way to keep in contact with those who matter, regardless of whether or not you have a facebook profile. I write my blog, use instagram to see close friend’s photos, and keep it at that. 

I think men and woman should demonstrate more effort if they’re truly interested in one another. Don’t play games with someone’s heart, you wouldn’t want the same done to you. Don’t lead someone on if you have no intention on moving forward with them. Take into consideration how you can affect another’s life and happiness. Stay honest. 

Pick up the phone, ask the girl or guy out on a date instead of meeting up with them at bar. Be a gentleman, be a lady. Act classy, and impress him/her with your manners. Send a woman flowers, take her out to dinner, open the car door, and hold her hand. Be different in the modern day society we live in. 

Keep it simple, stay grounded. 




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