Wino Review


I’m a wine enthusiast. I started off very classy by drinking wine cooler beverages throughout University. An XL bottle of Wild Vines and I was happy as a clam. My wine tastes have since matured tremendously. While cooking, with dinner, after work, while watching your favourite shows, wine time is a fine time. Here are my favourite wines, from cheapest to most expensive.

1. Fuzion Shiraz Malbec- $7.95/bottle. Made in Argentina. This wine goes great with BBQ meat and pasta dishes. My boyfriend’s Dad introduced me to this fantastic red at Christmas and I’ve been hooked ever since. Also great for making sangria!

2. Aveleda Vinho Verde Fonte- $8.95/bottle. Made in Portugal. This wine goes great with seafood. It has a light, refreshing taste.

3. Woodbridge Pinot Grigio- $11.95/bottle. Made in California. This wine is great on its’ own or with seafood as well. It also has a light, crisp taste.

4. Jackson Triggs Cabernet Shiraz VQA Black Series- $13.95/bottle. Made in Ontario, Canada. Another wine that’s fantastic on its’ own or with beef dishes.

5. Beringer Founders’ Estate Chardonnay- $16.95/bottle. Made in California. Pairs well with salmon and pork.

6. Rodney Strong Pinot Noir- $24.95/bottle. Made in California. This wine pairs well with chicken and pork. My boyfriend’s favourite, we always get a bottle of Rodney if we’re celebrating something.



One thought on “Wino Review

  1. There is a white wine called sibling rivalry made in Ontario . Tanya and I finished a bottle last night . I have it in Red but haven’t tried it yet . Mmmmmmmmm 🙂

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