Tips to Survive a Traffic Jam


Traffic. The idea already puts a scowl on my face. Nothing is more frustrating than stop and go, or just plain stopped traffic. Accidents happen, roads are packed from 7-9 on the way to work and 4-6 while people get off work. Everyone’s in a hurry to get to work and everyone’s in a rush to get home. I get it. You’re late, you’re hungry, you need to pick up your kids, you have an appointment, or you’re gunning it for the beer store. Everyone is trying to get somewhere fast.

So, when there is an issue on the road, someone cuts you off, or is on your bumper honking, just assume they’ve had a terrible day, and aren’t a terrible person. Although quite frankly some people drive like maniacs 365 days a year and deserve to be flipped the bird. Did I contradict myself?

So here are things that have helped me to make it safely to my destination, even when you’re crawling at 10km/h.

1. Turn off the techno, house, and top 20 music. For the most part, these fast, upbeat songs also make you want to drive faster, and therefore make you more anxious that you’re only going 20km/h. Slow it down. I personally choose country music, it calms me down, and I am much more relaxed.

2. Pack a snack, if you’re a commuter and you’re sitting in traffic going to and from work everyday, keep food readily available. Nothing makes me grumpier than being starving and in traffic. Stock up on cliff bars.

3. Bring a coffee, water, iced tea, whatever your preferred beverage is on your trip. You could get thirsty after your wondrous snack.

4. Call your best friend, sweetheart, or parents. Hands free calling of course! Keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the prize. Talking to somebody on your trip will make time go faster, you won’t be staring at the clock, and you’ll be lost in what I’m sure will be fantastic conversation. Who doesn’t love to hear their mom discuss what kind of dog the neighbour got? Or that veggie chips at the local grocer are on sale, limited time only.

5. Even better, bring a buddy! If possible, car pool, then you can team up with your co-pilot and talk about how terrible the guy ahead of you is driving. This should provide some comic relief.

6. Take a deep breath. You will get there eventually, and look around, there are plenty of people in the same boat as you. I know there is a thousand other places you’d rather be, try to make the best of it.

Safe travels!


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