Puppy Love


I’ve been wanting to get a dog but with my busy schedule and lifestyle it’s not fair to get one at this point. I’ll wait until my boyfriend and I have a large, fenced in backyard, with lots of dog parks and trails around so we can go for long walks and runs. We also need time, a crucial aspect of getting a dog. Time to train, and teach the pup. I’ve even gotten to the point where I’ve started to choose names. I’ve also narrowed down breeds. I would prefer a german shepherd, retriever, or lab.


I’m a fan of larger dogs, and hope one day I might have two, to keep each other company of course. When it is time for us to go get a dog we will go to a shelter. My german shep is a rescue, and my first dog as a child was a rescue as well. I think it’s so important that dogs who have been abused or neglected are put into safe, loving, and caring homes.



One thought on “Puppy Love

  1. My wife and I are planning to get a couple of dogs later next year. She’s American and I’m English and we’re living in the UK at the moment while I arrange to sell my house and get a visa…..then we’re off to the States.

    Vegas to be precise (it’s where she’s from….we’re not deluded gamblers!)

    She love big dogs, so we’re having a Rottweiler (her favourite) and another dog of some kind.

    We’ll be getting them from a dog shelter as I’m a firm believer in not writing off ‘used’ dogs. They still have so much love to offer……and slobber.

    Plenty of slobber.

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