Love Letters


Noah wrote Ali 365 letters in the movie “The Notebook.” This romantic act made every girl swoon. The idea of a man writing his thoughts and feelings to the woman he loves, everyday, relentlessly, with no replies, is so whimsical. It’s fairy tale, story book love. It’s what most little girls dream about, and this notion doesn’t disappear as we grow into young women. Yet, nowadays women are lucky to get a text that is longer than five words from their significant other. Oh, and as for the women who are dating, or seeing a guy, let’s say they’re just lucky to even get a reply!

We text, email, write on each other’s walls, tweet, and overall type to the ones we care about. Write someone you adore a love letter, write a friend a note, send someone a post card when you’re away on vacation. I find it so much more personal when someone takes the time to write me a note or letter. I also love getting mail. It’s exciting! It’s probably why I cherish and keep every card I get.

They are no longer teaching kids how to hand write in some public schools. I find this so upsetting. They see no reason to teach them as typing is now considered a more valuable skill. I love reading the love letters my grandparents and parents exchanged. If you can’t handwrite, you won’t be able to read handwriting either. I found this disappointing.ย 

I think written letters are romantic, and hold meaning. I think we should write them more, for holidays, or even no reason at all. Yes it takes more effort than shooting off an email, but I think it means more as it displays more thought and consideration.

So tomorrow, before you hustle to work, leave your special someone a small note, reminding them how much they mean to you, and how much you love and adore them. I guarantee it will make their day, and bring a cheesy smile to their face.



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