Sleep Disturbances


I have chronic nightmares. Vivid, real, and disturbing nightmares. The kind where I’ll wake up in a sweat, out of breath, or just plain upset. There’s never a common theme, it can span from being chased by a murderer, to being kidnapped, or something bad occurring to a loved one. It’s not after eating, or drinking alcohol, it’s nearly every night. 

The worst part is the severity of how real it is. It’s gotten so bad that sometimes I wake up and have to contemplate whether or not the event actually happened. I’ve researched the reasons or causes behind this, and of course stress is number one. Yet I don’t feel stressed, or tremendously worried about anything in particular.  

I envy the people who don’t have dreams, or who cannot remember what they’ve dreamt. However, on the bright side, at least I’m not a sleep walker. It could always be worse, and I’m sure so many people out there are struggling with night terrors or insomnia, and I empathize with them completely.


4 thoughts on “Sleep Disturbances

  1. I am having the same problems about dreams and you are right about the cause – stress. I am not stressed at all or nothing in particular bothers me that much. I think we will never know why we are having such dreams. Sometimes, I also cannot remember what my dream was, but I always feel that it’s something disturbing, though I can’t remember what exactly my dream was all about.

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