I believe we are shaped by those around us and experiences we have gone through. Experiences don’t necessarily define who we are, but they affect us, either in positive or negative ways. Some people allow for negative experiences to overtake their emotions and perception. Like a cloud that is fogging ones vision, people can get caught up in a minuscule problem and lose sight of the grand scheme.

Important people who influence our lives impact how we perceive and interpret the world. For most of us we share common traits with our siblings, friends, and other family members. This is because we are apart of the same environment. We also like to be around others who are similar to us, who share similar beliefs, morals, hobbies, interests, etc. We go through the good and the bad with those closest to us, gain a sense of appreciation, and create a feeling of familiarity. Our heroes and mentors are those who guide us, are always there for us, and whether they are still here or have passed on, they continue to hold meaning and significance in our lives.


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