Everlasting Love


My mom texted me this morning saying she had gotten roses. Even after 26 years of marriage my Dad still manages to make her feel like a princess. I was lucky enough to grow up around strong, loving relationships as examples of how men are to treat women. I witnessed the magic of love, and dreamed of one day having a love of my own as strong as my parents. 

Since I was a little girl my mom would tell me the story of how her and my dad met, and how it only took two weeks for her to figure out he was the one. They were engaged quickly. I used to ask her how she knew and she would say “I just knew.” I never understood that, how you could know possibly have a feeling that you were with the right person. Then I met my love. It’s nearly indescribable, and she was right, I just knew I was with my soulmate. 

My parents are best friends and soulmates. It’s rare to see these days. A relationship that is strong enough to survive the trials and tribulations of all that society throws at it. They’re always on each other’s side, and they always have each other’s backs. They taught me that nothing in life is more important than love and family. 



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