Valentine’s Day 2014


My best friend (who is actually my long lost sister) Leah and I were driving around today and the radio announced that women’s most wanted gifts for this year’s Vday were:

1) A Keurig Machine- $100.00-189.99

2) A Juicer- $100.00-400.00

We immediately started going off. Lovely gifts, but a tad overboard? Leah and I spent a wonderful Valentine’s Day together one year, which consisted of her making me heart shaped pancakes in the morning and then drinking at home that evening. Turn down the excitement, I know. Personally, a card is perfect. No, I’m not just saying that. I keep all my cards in a memory box, dating back to my 7th Birthday, sentimental kid eh? They’re special to me, and my boyfriend knows that, so every holiday he gets me a card.

Valentine’s Day was a way bigger deal as a child. The amount of thought as to what kind of Valentines to buy was overwhelming. I know I had SpongeBob one year. Then I carefully chose who received what message. I remember my mom always buying two boxes because she was always concerned we would run out. I was one of those kids who didn’t just give them to my class, but had to run around on the playground with them to give one to everyone I knew at recess too.

The point is, it used to be that simple. Exchanging tiny Valentine’s cards, with a cute little message, and it was so much fun. Therefore, I think women would be happy with anything their Valentine has put some thought into. You don’t need to break the bank to put a smile on your Valentines face. Little things mean so much more.


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