We compare ourselves to others, it’s inevitable. Our friends, family, coworkers, even strangers. It’s a judgemental world. Now with so many social media outlet we are comparing ourselves more than ever to pictures of celebrities, models, and other edited individuals. A picture is no longer what the person really looks like. Filters, editing, and enhancing allow for us to completely alter what we look like with a click of a button. 

So why compare ourselves to technologically enhanced individuals? Or, individuals who have altered their natural born beauty by resorting to plastic surgery. Imperfection is beautiful, it’s what makes us uniquely human, and yet society tells us we have to be perfect in every aspect of our lives. This is unattainable. 

Finally, we should be happy to be who we are. If someone has an attribute you are impressed by, compliment them, rather than envying them. You cannot be loved by another until you love yourself first. Instead of constantly trying to change how we look, act, dress, feel, we should be accepting that we as human beings are born imperfect, we should not be victims of pressure, we should be beautifully ourselves. 



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